… [cont. from front page] where it continues to run classes seven days a week.

The Cooper Street premises is well equipped with a range of props and has a boutique feel. Class sizes are restricted to a maximum of 20 students and there are shower facilities available. The room has good ventilation with a cross breeze from windows at either end, and its insulation enables it to retain warmth in the colder months and remain cool in summer.

Back in the early days the school ran a lot of structured courses where students would commit to attending one, two or three classes at the same time each week for a monthly or bimonthly block. These days, however, most of the classes are run as drop in classes, although we do emphasise and encourage regular attendance at the same class or classes each week as much as possible.

If you haven’t attended the school before we encourage you to visit us and give the school a try. You can acquaint yourself further with the culture of the school by reading some of the other blog posts on this page.

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