The Importance Of Being Regular In Your Practice


In the Yoga Sutras it is stated: ‘Long, uninterrupted, alert practice is the firm foundation for success in yoga’ (YS 1.14).

One thing I have noticed that starts to occur at around this time of the year as it draws towards its end, and as people’s lives become busier trying to get things done, is that it is often our yoga practice that suffers.

On one level this is understandable, as many feel that their practice is a luxury rather than a necessity, but on another level this is quite ironic because it is the regularity of practice that keeps us equanimous and able to face our challenges with poise and assuredness. Even (or especially) if you attend class only once a week it is important to keep up the regularity of your practice.

I often tell students to try and make a ‘non-negotiable’ time during the week where you attend your class, no matter what. I also think it is important to make this time the same time each week, rather than just squeezing it in where you can. It is important to be regular. This will support you, even if there is something that seems more urgent to attend to, even if you really don’t feel like it. My teacher once said you have to hate your practice to really learn to love it.

Over time there are other qualities that will be forged from taking this approach, and at some point your yoga practice will take more importance in your life and become more than a mere luxury.

James Hasemer