Classes & Courses

Introduction Course - Central Yoga Schoo

Conducted over two days from 11.30am – 1.30pm on the first Saturday & Sunday of each month these courses provide a basic framework for those new to yoga and a platform from which to start attending Foundation (Level 1) Classes on a regular basis.

It is not essential that an Introductory Course be completed before attending normal classes.

Cost: $70

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Dandasana - Central Yoga School

For first those new to Iyengar yoga. These are on-going beginner classes and are designed to provide a platform for regular attendance at the school. The basic principles of Iyengar yoga are established through work on foundation poses. Regular attendance once a week is encouraged, however twice a week is highly recommended.

It is not essential that an Introductory Course be completed before attending Foundation (Level 1) Classes.

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One hour Mixed (Level 1/2) Classes held every Tuesday & Thursday from 12.30 – 1.30pm. The one hour format allows people working in the area to attend a class during their lunch break. As this is the only viable time for some people these classes cater for new students as well as regulars.

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Class at Central Yoga School

Level 2 classes assume a basic understanding of the principles of Iyengar yoga and the culture of how an Iyengar class is conducted. These classes are suitable for students who have been attending Iyengar yoga classes on a regular basis.

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Morning Course - Central Yoga School

These classes are for regular & experienced students of the school who are committed to attending the Tuesday & Thursday mornings on a regular basis.

Having a consistent group is useful in creating a progressive atmosphere and the discipline of attending at least two classes a week is ideal for establishing a regular yoga practice routine.

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Pranayama Course - Central Yoga School

As the only dedicated Iyengar pranayama class in Sydney this session is revered by the group of regulars who attend it. The focus is on poses that support the expansion of the chest, quieten the brain, and prepare the mind for exploration of the breath. Through the breath one is able to harness and distribute the bioenergy of the body.

This class is suitable for those that have a regular Iyengar asana practice.

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Corporate and Private Sessions - Central Yoga School

Any time outside scheduled classes is available for specialised or corporate groups.

Commitment must be made in one month blocks at a cost of $132 per one hour class for groups of 3 – 20 students.

Private classes are available for 1 – 2 students at a cost of $88 per hour.

Please contact the school on 0413 741 177 or via email for more details.