How to Start

If you are new to yoga we recommend you begin either attending some of our Foundation (or Sixty Minute) Classes on the Try Pass, or attending one of our monthly Introductory Courses. This blog post explains more about the difference between these two options.

The Foundation Classes, of which we have five a week, contain a mixture of new and recently started students. These classes are suitable to attend as a complete beginner. The Sixty Minute Classes (four classes a week) may have some more experienced students, but are also able to be attended on a Try Pass.

Our Introductory Courses are held on the first weekend of each month. These courses are a complete introduction to yoga and create a framework for confidently attending our regular classes.

If you have experience with Iyengar yoga we recommend taking up our New Student Offer. This pass allows you to attend any class on the timetable at a cheap per class rate, get a feel for the school, and decide whether you want to attend classes at our school on a regular basis.