James Hasemer

James Hasemer is a Senior Intermediate 3 certified Iyengar yoga teacher, teacher trainer and teacher assessor. He has run the Central Yoga School since 1998. Prior to that he undertook a traditional yoga apprenticeship with a strong and inspiring teacher after starting Iyengar yoga classes back in the late 1980s. Apart from occasional visits to the Iyengar Yoga Institute (RIYMI) in Pune, India, he has worked mostly on his own for the past 20 years, gaining insight through his disciplined daily practice and adherence to the Iyengar method.

Christine Harpley

Christine Harpley is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher and has been studying yoga since 1999. She completed teacher training with Pixie Lillas in 2004 and has studied with Geeta Iyengar.

Christine brings to the practice in-depth knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy and physiology. Her unique teaching style is compassionate yet motivating, encouraging each individual to work to their potential. She enjoys sharing yoga with people of all ages and abilities, and works to foster in her students a sense of discovery and confidence as they develop greater strength, flexibility, and awareness in their practice.

Christine D’Aran

Christine D’Aran is a Junior Intermediate level Iyengar Yoga teacher. She has been practising over 20 years and teaching for 16 years. Various career paths led to the challenge of diverse interests being met by Iyengar yoga. With an agile teaching style, her students appreciate and greatly benefit from the knowledge and experience she brings to teaching pranayama.

Kathryn Clarke
Kathryn is a certified Iyengar teacher who has been practising yoga for the past 20 years. She is also a registered nurse who has spent a number of years as a volunteer in remote villages in India. Read more about Kathryn in this blog post.

Kathy Savage

Kathy is a passionate yogi having practised Iyengar yoga at Central Yoga School since 2002. She began teacher training in 2012, and attained her certification in 2017.

Kathy has a firm yet empathetic approach to teaching, whilst bringing a youthful enthusiasm to the practice. She has spent time studying Iyengar yoga with the Chanchanis in India and continually looks to learn from her students and teachers.

Kathy holds a bachelor of Health/Science in Complementary Medicine and is a qualified Herbalist and Nutritionist with a keen interest in all things wellness.

Lorenzo Sacchini
Lorenzo is passionate about Iyengar yoga and has been practising at Central Yoga School since 2013. He attained full certification in 2017. His youthful energy and enthusiasm for the subject is felt strongly in his classes. Read more about his yoga journey in this blog post.

Andrew Lim

Andrew has been practising at Central Yoga School since 2013, and is slowly and steadily building up his teaching experience as he works towards certification. He enjoys that with yoga you reap what you sow, and that the benefits of practice are hard-earned. He simply finds that he’s a better person when practising yoga, and finds learning motivating and humbling.