If you are new to Iyengar yoga you may be wondering where to start. We have two options: a Try Pass, or an Introductory Course. What’s the difference?

Both the Try Pass and Introductory Course are for people who are either new to yoga completely, or new to the style of yoga we teach at the school, known as Iyengar yoga.
The Try Pass is for those who are happy to jump straight in to one of our basic level classes. If you are new to Iyengar yoga we highly recommend attending a Foundation Class first, although you can also attend the Sixty Minute Classes. This pass provides value – you can attend up to 18 classes over 14 days. You can also start with this pass at any time, and provides more flexibility for those who have limited availability. Currently we have 9 class times a week that can be attended on a Try Pass.
Our Introductory Courses start right from the beginning and provide more of a framework for attending our Foundation Classes. In an Introductory Course you will be introduced to the basic postures, so it is very practical, however there is more time spent explaining the principles and providing a context so that you understand why and what you are doing. Generally the Introductory Courses are a smaller size, and therefore more intimate, and may be a better option for those who feel less confident about attending an ongoing class with students of various levels of experience.
The Introductory Courses are held at the same time (11.30am – 1pm on a Saturday & Sunday) generally on the first weekend of each month. If you prefer to be introduced to the subject right from the beginning and be in a more intimate group where everyone is new then this weekend course id definitely worth attending.
Whether you choose to start with the Try Pass or attend an Introductory Course, either option will provide you with enough experience and understanding to gain a sense of the profundity and transformative quality of Iyengar yoga.