The quality yoga teaching you get is one good reason to attend classes at our school.

One factor that distinguishes Iyengar yoga, the type of yoga we teach at our school, from other styles of yoga is its rigorous teaching standards and the professional certifying process that exists within the Iyengar yoga community, both here in Australia and throughout the world.
Just to take part in an Iyengar yoga teacher training course requires class attendance regularly for a minimum of three (3) years, or to have attended a minimum of three hundred (300) hours of classes, and the establishment of a regular personal practice.
A regular self practice is essential for aspiring teachers. Yoga is not concerned with the acquisition of information, but rather developing direct and clear perception. It is through the cultivation of a regular practice that one is able to work towards this. Teacher-training programs typically run over three or more years allowing time for knowledge to evolve into experience.
Since 1987 the BKS Iyengar Yoga Association of Australia (BKSIYAA), through its Certification Committee, has been administering the certification of Iyengar Yoga teachers in Australia. This certification process maintains the precision and integrity of the Iyengar Yoga community, and offers teachers a clear and identifiable professional development path.
Following teacher training a rigorous assessment process is undertaken entailing practice, teaching and written assessment components. A committee of senior teachers observes, assesses and gives feedback. Just fronting up to an assessment is certainly no guarantee of a pass. It may take a keen teacher-trainee two or three attempts to become certified at the Introductory level.
It is important to note that Iyengar yoga teachers are actually certified, not just registered, as is the case with other types of yoga.
When attending an Iyengar yoga class at our school you can be assured that you are in competent hands! So why not take up one of our generous Introductory Offers today?